Magoria was born in Stockholm in 1967. She first appeared on record in the mid nineties, and her music of that time was club and house music. She started with tree singles Mutoid Waste, Cosmic Trigger and Green Tambourine. In late '94 she released her 4:th single The Goddess in you Taslima tributed to Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi feminist writer who fled to Sweden the same year. She started to work with the Swedish synth/instrumental artist Pelle Hšnden (Astral Dance) in Stockholm around 1996 and in '98 Magoria released the single Angels and later the album The Divine Child arrived. That album had a style reminding of both Madonna and her Ray of light-album and of the solo albums of Annie Lennox. The album sold gold in Russia. And right now Magoria is recording her next album.

Magoria at Astral Dance
Magoria at Vitaminic



People are talking about "the age of information"
Who's informing whom, about what?
That some people are so cultivated and they like to be seen
They are their puplics property.

Here, here am I in New Paris, in New Paris,
where people are lost in fashion
and they're so happy.

The compulsion to conquer and control
in New Paris in New Paris.
Ripe with the competition and you'll be happy.

Emptiness and empty rooms
the face that they wear tonight
merges in to everything.
Just like the child-woman on the photograph
in the old mans world


In space between the words, into the white no time,
where dreams coloured by our desires, commanding our destiny.
Back to the place where the sacred lilies grows
in dimensions everlasting, behold our heaven.

Walking with angels
into the garden of delight.
Walking with angels
feel that love is on our side.

Into the ambience of peaceful quietness
a breath of absoluteness, when soul gains victory.
Back to the place where the golden rivers flow
in dimensions everlasting, behold our heaven.

The self that is beyond the self
into the wholeness of our beings
form is infinite and fathomless
We create ourselves
we create ourselves

Melt into timelessness open doors within
cease struggling and be willing to let go
let go of things
Back to the place where the Phoenix
prophesys at down
in dimensions everlasting


Children of this world
understand and listen
who you really are!
Search within yourself
gather knowledge from the earth
And embrace the universe
and you will find the answers.

Contact is already established
we are here

Meet the children of the stars
See the truth, we are one
We have so much to learn
from each other

Fulfil your soul mission
to glorify the source
Know that you are a part of its creation
Wherever you go there you are


Are you waiting for your life to begin?
Are you dancing with the demons of loneliness,
out there on the field,
in the heat,
in the cold?
I hope invisible hands
will give you wings,
wings of gold
and you'll be saved.

Is there anybody out there
who sees you a scarecrow,
is there someone who cares?

Breathe, breathe not,
when your inside is turning in your stomach.
The crows, they pick on you
and they're rolling your threads up into yarn.
When you're protecting
our plants, seeds and fruit.
I hope invisible hands
will give you wings, wings of gold
and you'll be saved


We were like spring buds in the winter snow
with rosy checks and smiling faces.
I used to be the playground of your heart
I'm now a memory of childhood.

Hear the childrens silver calls
giving echoes in your heart
Let them guide you on your path
until we meet again.

Don't you know
where you truly belong
and come from
and would like to be?

You don't want to think of me as bad.
You don't want to see that the world is cruel.
You don't want to feel that you have to protect yourself.


You want to be normal but youíre just out of touch,
maybe you try too bard or not hard enough
The others seems to see right through you
but you canít see trough them.
They are separated from you, as youíre being one with them
You are living in a world, that is doing its best
In changing you into all the others.

But you carry a light deep inside,
I know you make it through the night
You carry a light deep inside

But you carry a light deep inside
no fences there but sanctions
You carry a light deep inside

They are tapped in the ghetto of their egos
they feel alienation towards themselves
And to everything that exist outside the square
a social fabric where those people votes for themselves
You have a right to be there, a right to be you
When you where hold as their prisoner
didn't the sweet inspiration educated you


lady of Shallot who where you,
you're still casting shadows
The curse that came upon you
flashed into my crystal mirror

My blood froze when you died
My eyes were darkened wholly and I cried
And Iím still crying

lady of Shallot
your gleaming shape is floating by
Dead pale your face appeared
on shattered pieces of my crystal mirror

You left the wed the web of life
You saw through the illusion then you died
And now Iím crying


She's not a candidate for fame, to be heard in a song.
Too gentle to live among wolves,
she thinks in her martyrdom.
Riding into the trees on a white stallion.
Into the world of her dreams
where she feel she belong.

Here where sword and cup unite
witness by the secret night.

In a world of her dreams, she falls; she falls again.
In a world of her dreams, she falls; she falls again.
And she believes in them.
In a world of her dreams.

She sings to the wind and plays her magic upon us
wearing the moon like a crown on her head.
She dances with giants and fairies on ancestors' sites,
overflows like Chalice Well, cleanses and purifies.


Follow your bliss, raise to see new horizons.
For those who are awake,
there is one common ocean.

But why are you still asleep,
all wrapped inside,
all to hide in your world.

You have stumbled and hurt yourself,
because you never looked in the right place
A slave of experience
Defence and desire.

You were fighting alone
you fought against the others.
like a wave of wretchedness,
tragically misdirected energy.

Follow your bliss, praise the air that gives life to your fire.
For those who are aware,
there is one common flame.

But why are you so afraid,
all wrapped inside,
all to hide in your world.

Your fantasies of isolation has become the attraction.
You're the only myth on your screen,
separated and divided.

When a dreamer believes in an existence so illusive
and strives towards loneliness
The failed hold the bitterness now and sorrows


If you're the original, how come you fear a copy.
You're as scared as me to see how things was meant to be.
Who invented you, who invented me?
We're all part of the whole even if we disagree,
that is our lesson sent

Do we need the identification?
Do we need the humiliation?
Do we need the greed?
Do we need to be someone special

like a ship that lost its way,
all that we can do is pray,
maybe there's no tomorrow
So let us open up our hearts
open gateways to the stars
open to the love inside us

Unveiled we are exposed to ourselves
Standing there naked and so vulnerable
with no grasp for ego.
Then will we learn how to love things we hate
as open as a child embraces its fears
will we now how to play?


We may turn to the west to find the harvest home
and the mature matron who raised her family
She's got no voice of her own but appeals to other senses
that will reach and stretch your consciousness
Earth mother is calling you.
She is calling her children to her,
and she cries out through the ancient stones

The mystique canít communicate,
awaits in the still silence for her renewal
By threading the primal spiral
The original act of creation
She becoming one with all there is

Within the magic circle she is the creatress,
turning water into wine.
She is of light and of shadow
Virgin, mother, crown

You canís hear her, just feel and sense.
She's the mystique in you
and in all there is.


To the little magic sweetshop next to Covent Garden,
I used to go and visit my friend Miranda
She had great red curly hair and she loved to play her accordion,
or walks down the streets on a pair of stilts.

She told stories that could have transformed the world.
And in her cabinet of fun,
there was always laughter and time for tea
You might say that she was a bit weird
but I've always found her fascinating.

She used to show the kids,
her beloved grey parrots Punch and Judy
that you could hear three blocks away.
But the sound of the chimes
and the smell of her patchouli
still remains, forever remains

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